Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday not to schedule...

Tuesday and Wednesday didn’t quite go according to plan I managed the ride to the station in the morning, but missed out in the evening as I had to stay in a hotel in London on Tuesday evening as we had a major release that evening and there were concerns about me getting into work for the early morning checkout.

Wednesday as a consequence was run less as I was without the correct attire Id left my damn running shoes at home! Instead I got a great ride home on the mountain bike last night found some amazing single-track which was dry and hard-packed to ride along at breakneck speed. Burned up 424 kcals and hit 43kmph it was great and all the better for it being light! Got home and managed a further 30 mins on the trainer with 310kcals and averaging 200 watts on the hill climb I programmed in covering 17km. Felt pretty tired after that.

This morning I cycled on the road bike 23mins to the station and hit 58.5kmph what a difference on slick tyres! Really enjoyed the ride to the station along the road on this it was empty (4.30am) and pretty chilly but great fun. Cycled to paternoster Square to find loads of police protecting the Square from approx 8 demonstrators, all being covered by about 150 press photographers and cameramen!

Still planning on going swimming later and as the 8 protesters have gone home for a sit down and a cup of tea as reported by the BBC Ill probably make it out in one piece! Also planning to ride home tonight as well so might change tomorrow to a run but will see how I feel.

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