Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Full of cold...

I did manage to run today but after my run yesterday I started feeling pretty rubbish felt cold, shivery, tired, head ache etc. Typical man flu stuff without the runny nose. Still have it today. As I said I managed a run this morning but really dont feel up for anything more than that and all I wanted to do last night was go to bed. Pretty sure that is all I will manage tonight as well. I have to cycle to the station tomorrow as the wife needs my car so will no doubt not enjoy that given my current state! Still gotta muddle through.

I am presuming that I wont be doing myself too much damage by exercising during this period given that it is essentially a cold (albeit a MANs cold which is obviously far worse!!! :-0 ) So bike ride for the rest of the week and perhaps if I feel better a swim as well.

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