Sunday, January 18, 2009

Race Update - Wellingborough Multi Terrain 5km - Jan 18th

My first ever 5km race. Ok - I had done 5km in my first triathlon - but never on its own in a race - and off road as well....

It had rained the night before - and the conditions underfoot were very muddy.

HR was very high throughout the race - possibly due to the hard traning session yesterday. I had aching legs and bum all the way around (and prior to the race). My personal Trainer - Jesse - at Virgin Active had given me a full work out with single leg squats etc. so I was very sore.

I had quite a bit left in the tank at the end - but at about 3km I had pains in my left shoulder and chest - felt like I had pulled a muscle or was over doing it after the long swim yesterday (I did this after the training session with Jesse!)

I looked at the watch when passing the finish line - was sure it said 24 mins - but looking at the data it may be more like 26 mins - which is disappointing as it would be slower than the 5km after the triathlon.

Still - I could go faster - just make sure that I taper the training properly or at least do the correct build up.

Need to get the training diary out again and start filling it in.

Probably need to look at more farlek training etc for the running.

So - not to bad for the opening race of the season - and certainly plenty to improve on.