Monday, June 28, 2004

Monday morning and a quicker ride!

Rode to the station this morning in 20 mins - 10 mins quicker than normal and 5 mins better than my previous best. Quite pleased with that. Took the weekend off from training. Not sure what I am training for yet - perhaps the autumn Polaris? Need to convince some other fool to go on that as well. Any takers?
It's going to be in the North West of England - most likely the Lakes and is on the 09 - 10 October. Drop me a line if you fancy entering.
Need to think up another challenge - something like the West Highland Way - that I can aim for and train for etc. Any ideas?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

New Web Site

I have got my web site up and running at

Feel free to take a look - it has access to some of my photos, including my mountain biking trips.

Also there are some of my mothers underwater photography photos - she was included in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year book. Quite cool photos - just look under the link to Sally Sharrock.

The West Highland Way

Last year - myself and Alistair Biggin rode the West Highland Way in two days. I must have been a lot fitter then - but looking at the pictures I was just as fat! The whole story can now be found here:

The pictures are here:

I wonder what our next mad trip will be….?


Have started cycling to work every day.

Only done a week of it so far, but it is quite adictive. Cycle to the station - about 9.5k and then put the bike on the train and cycle from the station to work - another 2k I guess.

Also started using the gym at work. I need to loose quite a bit of weight.