Monday, August 24, 2009

A Summer of slacking....

Well – its coming towards the end of the summer now and in 2 weeks, the kids go back to school. I haven’t exactly been active on this blog recently – and that’s mainly down to the fact that I have been slacking and not doing any exercise! I cant remember the last time I went to the gym, or had a swim, or was on my bike! I have done some running – with notable achievements of running up and back down Dovedale in the Lakes, all the way up to Hart Crag at 822m and another run up to Hartsop above How from the bottom of Brotherswater. However, apart from a couple of smaller runs, that has been it.


I dare not weigh myself – for I know I have piled on the pounds from the lack of exercise – and I went for a small run this morning to find my Heart Rate incredibly high on such an easy run. So – back to it – we have a race at the end of September – Roade sprint Triathlon – which I need to get in shape for, plus I intend to start the marathon training now as well – I am to complete at least two next year and a number of half marathons as well.


I am back off to the Lakes in a few weekends – but not for running this time – but walking with a group of friends with whom I climbed Benn More in Scotland a couple of years back. We are just taking bivvy bags and will be sleeping rough – so should be a hoot!