Monday, April 27, 2009

Troublesome breathing....

Towards the end of last week , over the weekend and today, I have had some trouble breathing. It started last week during the hot weather with a tight chest and shortness of breath although I could still exercise 30 mins on the bike on Thursday and a swim on Friday morning, a simulated time trial on Saturday using my new TT bar extensions and a run, mountain bike and swim on Sunday! But I still feel quite tight afterwards and I am having trouble at night I just don’t feel as if I have slept properly at all.

I am wondering if it is some form of hay fever and hopefully with the start of the rain it will go away but it is quite worrying.

Rode the creaking Mountain Bike in today. God it makes a lot of noise and needs a good service. It seems to be the cranks that are creaking so I presume there are some loose bolts somewhere but not sure where.

I bought some TT extension bars the other day for my Trek Madone. They were pretty reasonable - £80 or so from Wiggle and I tried them out on Saturday evening. At first they make you feel out of control but once you smooth your riding style out a bit they are quite comfortable to use and rock solid. Ill do a proper review later.

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