Saturday, April 04, 2009

Big Bad Saturday….

My 8 year old son woke me up at 6:30am. He didn't want to play, watch TV or anything like that – no – he wanted me to take him for the Saturday morning run! I seem to have developed a bit of an eye infection in my left eye (it looks almost like the wife has been punching me!) and as I unglued my lids to look up at the young questioning face before me I wondered why on earth I had ever agreed to an early morning exercise with my eldest on essentially the only day I get a lie in during the week.

Still – we both ended up out for a nice run – some of it off road to save his knees – and I must say once I was out I actually enjoyed it. My son is pretty good to run with – he can keep up (for short periods), doesn't complain about all the stitches he gets (a lot) and frankly keeps me company. He loves getting home afterwards and he never looks as if he has enjoyed it – but every week he asks the same question - “can we go out running on Sat Morning?”. Amazing.

We covered 2.76km in a gentle time of 18 mins – and there were 2 walk pauses – he has certainly got slower since last time we went out – so we obviously need to do a bit more – but it was good fun.

My knee however was killing me after this…..

We went to the gym for 10am – and I went for the pool. Today's plan is a 1500m swim – with speed training. Well – none of you will be surprised to hear it didn't work out quite like that. I ended up swimming 2.5km with technique training as I just couldn't find the energy to do speed training. That is the furthest I have swam for quite some time – so I am fairly pleased with it – but I am a little cross with myself for not hydrating enough. For the whole afternoon I was dehydrated and therefore very tired. I only drank about 500ml through the one and a half hours I was in the pool – and frankly that isn't enough. I suffered for this until late into the evening and ended up going to bed early.

I also forgot my compression top – and after the swim could have really done with it as my shoulders were killing me.

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