Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Training

Today was meant to be fartlek training – but my knee just wasn’t up to the pounding – so instead I had another swim and did yesterdays core work.

The swim was pretty good – 1.35km in a little over 30 mins – not fast – but steady and incorporated a few drills – hip touches, face pushes (pushing your face into the water) and fist swimming. All with no legs.

I am conscious of the fact that I swim most of the time with no legs – and need to start looking at my kicking soon – only 5 weeks to go until Stratford. I also need to get a wetsuit and cant decide if I should go all out and get an expensive 2XU one or just get a cheep £99 Foor Quantum or some such. I’m earring on the side of the cheaper suit for once as only two of my triathlons this year are open water – and if I like it I can always get another next year.

Did a whole load of core work for the next 50 mins including: 1 legged superman squats, two legged balance ball squats with medicine ball, weighted lunges, weighted balance ball lunges, wood chopper pull, rolling pin. No idea if all the names are correct – but they are reasonably descriptive.

Came away from the gym with very sore arms, but not dehydrated like yesterday – took plenty of drink with me this time.

Given that I was carrying an injury this week – which is still painful today – I am fairly pleased with the training – but a little concerned over the continued pain from my knee.

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