Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day off on Monday and a run on Tuesday

Took Monday off exercise as I probably overdid it last week and I was very tired. I was however itching to get outside as the weather was wonderful so today I ran into work. Had to run the short 3.5km route as the train was delayed so I didn’t have time to do anything larger but hopefully I will get a chance to run back this evening.

I haven’t had a chance to map out the week yet but the Wife has already said she needs my car on Thursday and Friday as hers is going into the shop for its MOT so I will be on the bike both those days. It will be the road bike as well as the Mountain Bike needs a bit of a service!

Only a few more weeks until the first triathlon now and I am looking forward to it. I need to hire a wetsuit, get my race day kit list together and a few other jobs but really looking forward to it and feeling quite positive.

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