Sunday, January 24, 2010

Off to Salt Lake City

Heading out to Salt Lake city for the next couple of weeks - going into the office and also taking a good look around the city and surrounding areas - meet up with a "realtor" or two and see where is the best place for us to live.

I'm taking my snowboard as well - why not - Snowbird is only 20 miles away and I've got a weekend out there - so seems a shame not to go and try it!

It was quite nice turning up to American Airlines express checkout for First and Business Class with a snowboard. And it would seem that AA have upgraded their cabins - the Business class is pretty close to the First Class that I was on a few years ago only not quite as shabby! The seats even turn into flat beds and the food wasn't at all bad.

Have changed my watch already to 6 hours ahead - and we still have seven hours left - and then another flight....So expect to be very tired once I get to the hotel. Hope I am OK to drive when I get to the airport finally.

Have passed Reykjavik and now heading towards Greenland - we take a very northern arched route - presume this due to airflows etc - but frankly I haven't a clue. This is probably the nicest AA flight I have been on - although its a 2-3-2 formation - not so great for the 3 - but at least I have an isle seat and I can plug the Mac in to the power port and watch pretty much any of my films - although there is a fairly decent on demand service on here.

The only problem is that the lights have been turned off - quite a few people want to sleep - and I'd rather not - so must remember to get the seat by the window on the next trip out so that I can have the blinds open. The kids are going to love this when they get to fly out Business class - however I am sure they will be bored after a few hours even with all the available TV, games and food....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving to Salt Lake City

Well - for those of you that heard on the rumour mill that I might be moving jobs - its all true. The firm have offered me a new role out in the USA - in Utah, Salt Lake City - and I snapped it up. Myself and the wife along with our two kids and three cats will be moving out there sometime around June time this year. There is no end date to the role - so if we like it - we will quite probably stay there for good.

Its a massive move for us - but it is one of those rare opportunities - quite possibly a once in a lifetime chance - and we felt that it was the right thing to do for both us and the kids.

Everyone is excited - although it is obviously a little stressful - my list of things to do grows by the day and not many of them are getting crossed off yet!

To all my friends and family that we are leaving behind - we love you all - and in no way does this reflect on you. We will miss you all and you are more than welcome to come and visit once we have settled in - I should expect that we will have plenty of room. To all my US based friends - well - snowboarding/skiing trips just got a little cheeper for you all!!! No hotel to pay for now - so please pop over and see us when we are in - especially during the winter season!!!

None of us are looking forward to all the organising and packing - but we both hope it will be worth it.

I am looking forward to be able to go running in the mountains and all the bike trails that span Utah - some of the best tracks in the world lie within that state - so it should be great fun.

Mark & Kerys.