Sunday, April 05, 2009

This weeks Training – Build Week 3

This week is another build week – prior to next weeks lower intensity recovery week of only 4 hours. Am taking tomorrow as a rest day as I am fairly tired from this weekend and it is the same day as the injury day last week – so fits nicely.

Day Hours Details Actual
Monday 0 Day off - rest day 0
Tuesday 0.5 Ride to station from home
0.5 Ride home from station
Wednesday 0.5 Lunchtime run, endurance, 5km
1 Cycle trainer - hill training at 200 watts
Thursday 0.5 1000m Swim, speed training.
Friday 0.5 Early morning run
1 Core work.
Saturday 1 1500m Swim, endurance. Try not to stop.
Sunday 0.5 Run - fartlek training.
1 Cycle trainer  
TOTAL 7   0

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