Friday, October 07, 2005

iPod misery!

I thought the other week that it would be a good idea to finally buy an iPod - so I searched around the net and found the cheapest 60GB one on So I ordered it - at a great price of £259.95 and no charge for shipping - Amazing! Too Amazing in fact.
Whatever you do - do NOT order from these con-artists.
1. This is not a UK company - the domain is registered to Jeremy Paradies of 97 Anderer Ln, West Roxbury MA in the US of A - and this IS an American company.
2. The amount you are invoiced for is not what you will be charged. They charge in USD at an odd exchange rate and you will pay at least £20 more on a purchase of this amount.
3. They take the money out of your account/charge your card straight away. Under UK law your card cannot be charged until the purchase is ready for shipment. Well - this isn't a UK company!
4. They take 2 weeks before they reply to your email to tell you that your product is shipping. Yep - two weeks!
5. They take 2 whole weeks to ship the damn thing!
6. They ship it two days after they tell you it is shipping! I give up! No wonder delivery is free!!!
7. Nowhere on their website do they have their address, or any statement to say that the items will be shipped from the US, or that this is a US company. In fact they say - "The UK's best source for Digital Video Equipment".
8. Their telephone number is a UK one - 0207 669 4292 - which leads you to think that they are UK based. This is NOT the case.
I am amazed that people can get away with this these days.
Oh - and it still hasn't arrived yet!!!