Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week Starting 23 Mar 09 – Training Plan

Day Hours Details
Monday 1 Cycle trainer, hill training
Tuesday 0.5 Run to work. Fartlec training, 2.5km run. See details below.
Wednesday 1 Lunchtime endurance run 5-8km
Thursday 0.5 1500m Swim, steady pace.
Friday 1 Morning run - 8km, very easy endurance run.
Saturday 6 Mountain Biking trip in Wales
Sunday 6 Mountain Biking trip in Wales
TOTAL 16  

Fartlec Training
Warm up over the first 1km, then 30 seconds sprint, followed by 4 mins recovery, repeat 4 times. Warm down.

The expected training for this week was 07:00 hours – but I am expecting to go quite a bit over this as I have a mountain biking trip to Wales leaving on Friday afternoon allowing for two decent biking days in the hills and some very tired legs…. Must remember to take the camera!

This week sees the entry of some speed training into the running again – so a few sprints to scare the pigeons on the way to work. I look forward to the faces of all the people in the market I often run through sedately as I start to sprint! I’m gonna look like such a prat….

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