Tuesday, March 03, 2009

No training today

A combination of a long day in the office and some legs that are
frankly still sore after the weekend means that I just cannot bring
myself to train today so am pulling another rest day.

My legs actually do feel pretty sore - I am a little surprised by that
but I did walk from the station yesterday quite quickly and again
today - so perhaps they simply aren't rested enough. It's amazing the
amount of time your body requires to recover when your age starts

It's also very windy and wet so the prospect of a run when I get home
from work at 9pm tonight is frankly rather grusome. So, a run tomorrow
morning is the order of the day I should think and perhaps a bike ride
in the evening.

I am planning a nice long 12 to 15km run at the weekend- my only
problem with that is both time and boredom. I find that after 5km I
start getting bored and struggle to keep up the interest. Any ideas on
this front would be appreciated!

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