Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Running too soon?

Is it possible that two days isn’t enough rest after a 10km race? I know that recovery time is important and that a race is more intense than a training run but I thought two days would be enough. Still when I started to run today my calves and shins were so sore it was almost painful.

I managed 5km but I am wondering seriously if I should have and will probably rest tomorrow as well now or just do some upper body workout. They are still incredibly sore and the front of the legs is almost shin splint type pain.

I think I need a nice massage! Fat chance of that!

You may have noticed the lack of a plan this week. Well that is because I haven’t written one yet and not sure that I will. I don’t want to push myself too hard especially if I haven’t recovered from the race yet and frankly it’s a week and a half until the half marathon so any training is likely to be purely from a confidence level etc. With that in mind I am starting my taper week early might get a long run in on Saturday.

I reviewed my race data from the Suunto watch yesterday and it may explain why I am finding it a long recovery the watch tells you if you are over training etc and you would expect a certain amount of this during a race right but my stats pushed it right into the upper boundaries. So I was obviously determined around the course but not as fit as I should have been in order to do that time.

Right now does anyone have some painkillers?

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