Monday, March 02, 2009

Overall series results

Well, the official results are in for the overall series of multi
terrain races run by Just Racing Uk. I came 10th overall in the vets
on points - so that's pretty good against all the people running 5, 10
and 15km, especially as there were a lot of good vets in the longer

I have to say that I am pretty happy with that. I would probably have
come inside the top 6 if I had stuck to the 5km however as my second
split time alone on the 10km would have got me inside the top 10 in
the standalone 5km race. But no regrets, I am really happy to have run
the 10km now as the next stop is 22 in just under two weeks time. The
big question is, what time should I go for on the half marathon?

It's a difficult issue when you haven't run that far before. Sub 2
hours is what my mind is telling me, especially as this is the first
time I will have run for that amount of time.

No doubt I will make a decision this weekend after my long run.

Here is to a good training week, blue skies and sunshine this morning
with an autumn feel. Makes you feel alive.

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