Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Cycle Training

Today is supposed to be an hour of hill climbing and it was! Bloody hell that trax trainer generates some resistance! You can just look at the heart rate graph below to see where the hills were. I was knackered half way through and really wanted to stop – I probably went for it at the beginning and half way through a bit too much – hence the two big peaks. The first of which I was sat in the saddle as well – trying to keep the cadence at 80rpm which was killing me – by the second large peak at 30 mins I was almost screaming and the third was pretty much it – I had to change down to an easier gear at Mar-23that point. Remember – this is the bike – so normally you add about another 10 bpm onto these numbers to indicate what they would be in equivalent terms of running – so I essentially hit 176 (+10 = 186) – which would be 2 over my theoretical (and measured max). Good going I would say. Only 786 kcal however – and I blame the poor finish – I just couldn't manage any more – indicates that the endurance isn't there in the legs for cycling yet – I am fine up to about 40 mins or 20km – but after that the legs go. I guess that is fine for a sprint triathlon – but to be honest – I’d rather find 20km easy and be able to cruise it – so I am looking for more endurance – and later the speed – so I think a less hilly training run next time and more of the endurance with a lower heart rate.

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