Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day before the big race….

I got a little bored today! Its supposed to be a nice rest day when I lounge about and load up with carbs. But I got bored! I’m not very good at just sitting around these days and I seem to be conditioned to exercise at the weekend – so I decided to go for a small gentle bike ride. Ahh – what’s one of them?

It was very windy and I found myself hunched over the bars powering into the wind at 40kmh and realising that I was meant to be taking it easy. Oops – made a mess of that didn’t I?

An hour and 30km later with sore tired legs I returned home. I had really enjoyed the ride – but hours later now as I write this – my legs are burning and I know I’ve overdone it. So – load up with carbs and get ready for tomorrow – whatever happens it isn't going to be pretty!

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