Monday, March 09, 2009

A rest day in hell....

Why is it that when it comes to my rest days the sun is out?

The hell I refer to is a floor to ceiling window with a view of grass, trees and the pavement leading away from this office all dappled in spring sunlight with long lazy shadows describing changes in temperature and view that all together is one of the most galling views I can get. Why? Because today is a rest day and these perfect conditions cannot be taken advantage of.

Should one forgo the rest day in order to take advantage of such opportunities or should we be faithful to the training schedule and keep to the knowledge that the muscles need to repair and recharge after a weekend of exercise? Its less that seven days until the half marathon I know but more importantly how, post this race (if I can call it a race) should this be dealt with when the triathlon training is in full swing and the long distance running behind me for the moment?

I love running in good weather as I am sure everyone does but spring is just one of the best seasons when it is cold enough not to overheat but bright enough to don the sunglasses and feel alive. Should I take advantage of this feeling at the expense of my muscles? Perhaps I am not training enough in order for this to be an issue (although Monday and Tuesday this week felt different).

Personally I wish I had brought my running gear with me today, I would happily move the rest day to a rainy tomorrow and run today in fine sunshine in the knowledge that even if it is doing a little damage to my legs, its doing far more good to my head!

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