Saturday, March 21, 2009

A trip around Holmes Chapel

My daughter woke me up early this morning after a long drive up to
Holmes Chapel last night, and so I headed out for a run around what
turned out to be a cold and very sleepy village.

The sun was bright and the sky clear, but is was a comfortable 3 deg
above zero, perfect for a morning run. I run a figure of eight around
Holmes Chapel usually - it's about 3.6km for a single figure 8. I
managed the first quite easy, but I soon realized that there wasn't a
lot in the bank! I hadn't had a lot of sleep, not much to eat last
night and hadn't eaten this morning either. You would think by now
that I had learned the importance of making sure my body was fueled
before exercise - but aparently not.

The second lap was cut short and so only 6.5km was managed. Still, I
had a great 15 min stretch afterwards. The muscles underneath my
calves are really sore and I need to get these stretched out properly.

There were quite a few other runners out this morning heading in the
oposite direction, all seemed to be going faster than me. I managed to
sprint the last 500m of the run - I felt guilty for not running as
quickly as the others I had seen (no idea why)- and it reminded me
that at the moment I have no training plan.

Tomorrow I hope to put my training plan together to lead up to the
Stratford 220 triathlon. I'll publish it as soon as it is finished.

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