Sunday, March 22, 2009

Long Term Training Plan

This is for the next few weeks. It details the amount of training and the Period that I will be in – but not the specific training. While in essence you probably should go into this detail as well – I will try to keep my plan as basic as possible on the overall level and make the weekly ones a little more detailed.

Week Starting Races Type Period Hours
23-Mar-09 Build1 07:00
30-Mar-09 07:00
06-Apr-09 07:00
13-Apr-09 04:00
20-Apr-09 Build2 06:30
27-Apr-09 06:30
04-May-09 Stratford 220 Sprint Triathlon B 06:30
11-May-09 04:00
18-May-09 Big Cow Sprint C Peak 06:00
25-May-09 05:00
01-Jun-09 Blenheim Sprint A Race 04:00
08-Jun-09 Trans 03:00

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