Monday, March 16, 2009

Very very sore!

I woke up this morning after a pretty awful night and actually struggled to get out of bed! Good lord - I was hoping that my legs were going to be ok - I had eaten properly after the run and nice and early as well - so I thought I'd probably be OK - but no - my knees and hips were shot to hell. I guess this is why all the books and mags tell you that if you are running a road race, practice on the road. The hard tarmac and longer distance had taken their toll - far harder than I expected. 

A few Neurofen and cocodamol later and I managed to get out of bed - but the stairs were a bit of a challenge. I took a trip to the spa and had an hour in the lovely warm bubbling water which eased the joints a bit. Had a bit of a swim without using my legs and then another half hour in the spa.

Now its the evening and my left hip is still pretty bad - but I reckon I might be OK to do something (other than running) tomorrow - so I'll probably sit on the bike after work tomorrow.

Its odd isn't it - as I have observed before - how your mind plays tricks on you. I'm already considering yesterday a great day. A friend of mine from work is already trying to get me to do another with him. He managed 01:59:44 for his half marathon yesterday  - which is pretty good. And the odd thing is - I am considering it. I'm pretty sure I said NEVER AGAIN.

Right - early to bed tonight as I need to get to work tomorrow - so hopefully with a few more cocodomol I might get some sleep tonight....

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