Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Endurance Run (perhaps not!)

I went for a run today with one of the guys from my old team at work this lunchtime for an endurance run. He hadn’t run for quite a while – so I thought it was pretty safe to go out with him given I had been out quite a lot. This was to be a nice endurance run – slow steady and long. Cocked that up didn’t I!!!


Ed set off at what can only be described as ‘the pace of a whippet’! My HR shot up to 176 within the first 5 mins and given that I started at 83 – that was a fair climb in that period of time. To put this in perspective – he started off at 3.49 min kilometres. Looking back to Tuesday – that was my sprinting speed for the last sprint leg of the Fartlek training! Bloody Hell!


We ran across the road and down towards the Millennium Bridge, heading down the steps to the side and turning left towards Tower Bridge. It was windy and sunny – I overheated a little and took my hat off to cool down dodging the French school trips that had just come out of the Tower and headed towards the steps up to the Bridge itself.


I’ve never been on Tower Bridge to my knowledge. I’ve been past it a few times – but not on it – and running over it was a bit of an anticlimax. Seeing and hearing Big Ben the other day was quite something – but this was cramped, busy and with very little room to manoeuvre – for some reason it just didn’t feel as big a deal as it should. Ed was way out in front now – I saw him heading down the steps to the South Bank and followed. This was a little quieter and out of the sun – but we were running into the wind now. Not too bad – but an effort none the less. I couldn’t see Ed really now and when we reached London Bridge I headed up onto that and across, turning left at the end and headed back along the Watermans Walk down by the river to the Millennium Bridge and then back up to Paternoster Square.


6.3km in about 32 mins. Overall – not that amazingly fast – but I’d like to see what the first half was done in when I download the logs – bet it was pretty quick as I was feeling dead on the way back! Thanks for the run Ed – but I might find someone older and fatter to run with next time!

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