Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A nice gentle recovery run

With the Half Marathon behind me, its now time to concentrate on what is on the horizon – and in 53 days we have the start of the Triathlon season with Stratford upon Avon hosting the Stratford 220 Sprint Triathlon.

So – I need to start concentrating on speeding up my 5km time with some interval training and some hill training, and getting on that bike and booting it. With the nights drawing out it is a perfect time to get out on the bike as well.

Onto today – given the excess exercise of the weekend – I thought a nice gentle recovery run today at lunchtime. I am working from home today as its Parents evening tonight – so I run around a local loop during the midday heat. Its really hot – and frankly great to be away from my computer screen for 50 mins.

8.5km in 48 mins. Not too bad as I was taking it easy. Here is the route:

Not sure the altitude is correct – seems a “little” off at the beginning – but it was a nice run and the weather was great and my knees were only a little sore afterwards!

I quite fancy getting on the bike tonight as well. Shall see what happens later. Next week I will be returning with proper weekly training plans for the Triathlon training and we shall see how that goes.

Those nice photographers from Marathonphoto have taken about 10 pics of me at the Half Marathon this weekend – including some that show me quite knackered at the end! Will probably get the digital copies and post some up here for a giggle…

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