Friday, March 13, 2009

Carb loading and no more beer!

I am beginning to get nervous now, not long to go and still hoping to break the 2 hour mark for the half marathon. Today and tomorrow are carb loading days I guess – and detox from alcohol etc. so not even a glass of wine for me tonight.


Breakfast was hash browns – somehow I convinced myself that they were good for me because of the carbs in potatoes! What the hell – they were lovely, and the bacon that went with them was even better! What a lovely treat….


I was hoping to get to bed early tonight – but unfortunately have to host a conference call at midnight tonight which kind of puts that idea out of the window – so hopefully I will get a bit of a lie in tomorrow. Probably not going to go swimming as I don’t want to pull anything or injure myself or use up any of the carbs that are being loaded!


Well – I should be ok – it’s a half marathon after all not the full thing – so I am fairly confident of finishing bar an injury – but at the end of the day – even though I keep telling myself that I am not competitive – I bloody well am and desperately want that 2 hour finishing time! Based on the runners world calculators I am borderline 2 hours – so here is hoping……

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