Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday afternoon swim - I'm knackered!

I was up at 4am this morning to get into work for 6:30am – so was pretty tired and required almost kicking out of the office to go down the road to the pool in the gym at the Barbican. I wasn’t going to go – after so many early starts I was just feeling knackered. I’m so glad I went – it was virtually empty and in fact for half the swim I was the only person in the pool – and virtually the whole swim I had the fast lane to myself. A pretty good swim – 1750m in 30 mins approx. Probably close to my best swim perversely – but the water seemed to refresh me really quickly – and now I am buzzing! I feel righteous!


Feel much more awake for all my meetings now for the rest of the day – so will definitely try to do that every week from now on. Not much more to say about a pool swim I guess – so I’ll shut up about that.


Hopefully it will soon be warm enough at Box Hill in order to get out in the lake and do some open water swimming. Must get myself a wetsuit!

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