Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday and its too early!

Its 5am and I am standing at the station in running gear again waiting for the train. It isn't cold, but I feel freezing - just tired I guess. We get to London on time and the streets are empty at this time of the morning, a wonderful contrast to yesterdays packed pavements and throngs
of commuters.

Its meant to be 6km on the plan today - but I decide to push this back to 5km. My leg was a little sore yesterday and I haven't even got a 6km route planned out, pretty sure I know a 5km one however.

I stick on the new Runner software on the iPhone along with some "Jimmy Eat World" and off I pound. There is something not quite right about heading the wrong way in order to get to your destination - I have to fight the urge to turn right instead of going straight on so many times
in order to keep the mileage up. The Runner software chirps in every so often telling me how far I have gone and what my expected run time will be for the 5km, a figure which is surprisingly accurate. At half way it starts telling me how far I have left which is a nice touch.

I'm averaging 02:28 per 400m which isn't going to break any records, but gives me a finish time of 00:30:35 at 5km with what can only be considered a relatively easy pace, an average HR of 150 - which is slightly elevated (possible over training?) and 565 kcal burned up.

Some of my muscles in my right leg (always seems to be that one) ache a little - so I have a good stretch, and the right knee still isn't perfect. I am due to do another 5km tomorrow - might need to change that to some core work and move the run, although I am probably going to have to bike to work on Friday as my car goes in to the garage for its MOT.

Now, given that I've done so much today and there is a bike ride planned tonight - can I treat myself to a bacon sarnie?....


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