Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Morning Training

Ah, the morning run after the rest day is either awful or brilliant, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground for this exercise. This morning was awful. I woke up late, ended up in a rush, had to run through the crowds on the London pavements and as I was running late for work, couldn’t manage the full 5km that I wanted to do. This is terribly annoying as I am missing a lot of build up for the half marathon and all plans indicate that really I should be able to run for 90 mins by now – something I just haven’t achieved yet.

I managed 3.6km in 20 mins at an average pace of 5:41 with a average HR of 140 and using up 457 Kcal. So – not too bad – but really I need to extend this out to 5+km.

I’ve got a packed day at work today so I haven’t got any chance to go to the gym during the day. I might run again tonight if my legs feel ok and my knee isn’t aching as I really need to get these kilometres in.

I used a new app on my iPhone this morning: Runner. It reads out your pace and distance to you while you are running which is brilliant. http://www.deltavee.fi/runner/Runner_Main.html

I am pretty impressed with this software. It gave me a full breakdown of my run in 400m sections with pace etc. and also mapped the run. You can export it all to Excel and mail it to yourself if you really want to. The great thing about this is the vocal reports on your progress – so you know how you are doing. There are a few bugs with it – but all in all its pretty good – one of the better running apps out there for the iPhone and I have tried quite a few!

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