Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday and out of bed!

It is so great to be out of bed and feeling better. I was a little worried this morning - I had a couple of twinges in my stomach and thought that they would put pay to any training today - but by 11 they had gone and I thought I'd give it a go. And what a great day for a run! Bright sunshine and a cool breeze.

So I dropped the wife and kids at the gym and got changed into my outdoor running gear and headed off cross country. I love running on the footpaths - while it doesn't get your knees ready for the pounding they take on the road - its just so much more enjoyable. So I ran through all the mud, cow manure, waterlogged ground, clay and general much that turned up on the 'path' and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Its just such a welcome relief not to be in bed or the bathroom this afternoon!

It was a day for sunglasses as well - bright sunshine today enticing you to run further and further. The only thing that stopped me today was that the route I took came back to the gym! I had to take my trainers and socks off before entering the gym and they all looked at me quite quizzically - I didn't have the guts to tell them that my trainers were covered in silage! Still - at least I took them off (and put them in a plastic bag ASAP!). They are currently going round and around in the washing machine with my other silage covered clothing.

A quick swim after - only managed 500m - and I was done today. I think that's probably enough - don't want to overdo it on the first day back after illness. The rest of this week will probably be toned down as it is my first 10km race next weekend after swimming lessons on Saturday. The 10km is the end of the Irthlingborough series I have been racing in (the previous two 5km races) so I'd like to post a half decent time to get my points up and keep me on the first page of the race results which is where I am after 2 rounds.

Quite a decent time for 10km off road for an old guy today - 01:02:58. None too shabby - but hopefully can improve on it next weekend - I'd like to come in under an hour - but not sure how realistic it is after a whole day of swimming on the Saturday. We shall see....

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