Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday - the day of rest?

My wife and kids went up to her parents this morning leaving me at home - so I took the opportunity to head for the gym once more - in the hope that I can start to improve my swimming. The swim was a struggle - I'm still a little sore from yesterday - but the 1000m can up in 20 minutes again and I carried on for another 10 mins without counting the lengths. I'd do more that 30 mins - but I get terribly bored - what I really need is a training partner for the swim.

So - what to do next. On the plan I am doing core work - but I just don't think I have run enough this week - so I thought I'd do another 5km at an easy pace and see how my sore legs from yesterday would cope.

Well they coped just fine. In fact I am pretty pleased. Dont get me wrong - this wasnt race pace by any means - but yesterday was the furthest I had ever run and following that with another 5km today is pretty enjoyable. While I'm not getting cocky for the half Marathon at Silverstone in 4 weeks - I am becoming quietly confident that as long as I am injury free - I can complete the course.

I treated myself to a great big Tuna steak - griddled - with sun dried tomatoes, anchovies and salad. Mmm - and now to have a snooze in front of the TV and watch the Rugby......

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