Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday - Rest day....

I hate rest days. It always feels like a wasted day - but as all the books say - it is required to let your muscles recover and build new fibre etc. Well - I still itch and want to go out and run.

Took regular readings this morning:
Weight = 82kg (put on .5 of a kilo - and far too heavy again - need to cut out the fats).
Resting HR = 52 (pleased with this)
Blood Pressure = 118/58 (so much better than it used to be)

Some aches and pains in the ankles - but all together not too bad considering the exercise this weekend.

I am looking at getting some of this: to see if it is any good. I've heard it is worth taking after exercise to stop any muscle damage. Would be interested in any comments around this subject - don't particularly want to look like a weight lifter - but am interested in keeping the muscles healthy.

Have signed up for some swimming lessons! and - they seem like a pretty good idea - and hopefully will improve my front crawl. Will see how they go as it is only 2 weeks away.

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