Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday evening on the Bike anyone?

Well - I got bored sitting watching the Rugby - so decided to have a go on the bike. I love my trainer - its a Tacx Cosmos trainer - and it allows you to generate a lot of power by simulating the hills. The nice thing is - it simulates the downhills as well!!!

I managed an hour on this on one of the many hill courses. I wasn't burning as much as I had in the past - 765 kcal in an hour isn't a lot on one of these - I've done over 1000 kcal in an hour before - but I figured I was best taking it a little easy given my recent injuries.

I don't feel to bad after it - but I expect my legs will ache a little tomorrow after all the running and now cycling. It's a training day off tomorrow - a chance to let the legs recover. Hopefully this week I will be able to run most of the planned days - I really need to in order to get ready for this 10km and more importantly the half marathon - which I am a liitle more confident about - but still fairly worried to be honest. 28 days until the half marathon and only 84 days until the first Triathlon of the year. It is all coming so quickly now.

I just want to manage an injury free season this year and make sure I get some finishes.

Weighed myself this evening (obviously not the best time to do so I know) and god I've put on some weight. I think I need a concerted effort looking at my diet. I could have sworn I had cut out crisps and chocolate - and yet I found myself with a packet of salt and venegar french fries in my hand this afternoon! What was I thinking? Raw carrots this evening as a snack. Mmmm, yummy. :-(

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