Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday and Friday Training

My right knee is still sore which is a little concerning. I am not getting enough miles in under my belt at the moment - but all the books I read - and 220 Triathlon magazine this month re-iterated under Joe Friel's page - as soon as you feel something not quite right - dont train through it - rest it.
So - no training until this pain goes.
Its an odd pain - right across the front of my kneecap - and it feels as if you could happily run through it - but I know that as soon as I try this - I will end up damaging something and missing a load of races. Better to be conservative with this type of thing than push myself into a season ending injury. Still - its really annoying. But it did mean I could go to the pub to see off one of my friends who is heading back to New Zealand.

Hopefully by Saturday it will have stopped hurting.

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