Tuesday, October 07, 2008

So - what is next?

Well - as I have made such an effort to get fit - it seems a shame to waste it now doesn't it? So - I may as well enter a few more races and see if I can't improve my times.

So - here is the list so far and if any of you out there are at the same race - feel free to say Hi...


November 8th - Wedgnock 10km off road run.


January 18th - Wellingborough 5km

February 8th - Wellingborough 5km

March 1st - Wellingborough 10km

March 15th - Adidas Half Marathon at Silverstone

April 4th - Coastal Trail Series - Cornwall 10km

May 10th - Stratford 220 Sprint Triathlon

June 6th and 7th - Blenheim Sprint Triathlon

June 28th - Northampton Sprint Triathlon

July 26th - Trentham Sprint Triathlon

September 27th - Roade Sprint Triathlon

Might add or take away a few - but all these are entered. What the hell was I thinking entering a half marathon!!!

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