Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lot of swimming and a long bike…

Have been doing loads of swimming recently – especially with some new paddles that were given to me by a friend – Tom. These are awesome – they really make you concentrate on your technique and seriously tire your shoulders and elbows! I’m knackered from using them – and after completing about 5.5km in total over 3 sessions I’m going to give them a rest for a bit to let the muscles recover.

Went for a nice 20 mile bike ride with another TriChi team member the other day – Ben – who is shall we say – slightly fitter that I!!! When he turned up in his “Ironman Finisher” cycling top – I thought that perhaps I had bitten off more than I could chew – but in reality – he was great company to cycle with and while I probably slowed him down a bit – it made me push a lot harder than I would have done on my own – so I’ll be happy to do it again and hopefully I’ll get better.

Managed a gym session as well today after the swim – loads of weighted squats etc – my legs are on fire now as well as the arms and shoulders – so tomorrow is definitely a rest day – especially as I went running this morning as well!

If you cant tell from the sudden flurry of activity – I’m on holiday this week – so trying to kick start the training schedule again and loose a little weight for Christmas – aiming to do a few cross country events after the holiday period in the new year again.

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Mr_Wolly said...

try kitesurfing..