Sunday, July 12, 2009

Distinct lack of directed training!

Well – I haven’t written much for a while – but I have been busy in other ways. I’ve done a lot of running – but not a lot related to my sprint triathlon distance – I’ve even been in a race – the Chase Challenge – or whatever it is know as this year – where I had a terrible race and finished with a time of something over 28 mins – my boss beat me (although I have to say – he was a bit of a dark horse and fair play – he could bloody well run) and so did quite a few others.

5km just doesn't seem to be enough these days and I crave further distances. I actually ran to the station and back repeatedly one week – a total daily distance of 28-30km – clocking up 4 days of this and over 100km in a week. It was amazing. But my legs started to really hurt.

Went running with a friend this morning and did 10km – and I really enjoyed it. I know I said I would never do a half marathon again – but I am going to – in fact I intend to do a few marathons!

In fact – I intent to run the Atacama desert race in 2011 – have a couple of people interested and will see how it goes. Lots to organise as it is a massive undertaking – but what is life for if not challenges?

Along with a few other friends we also set up a Triathlon club – – which all and sundry are welcome to join – no under 18s is the only rule I am afraid. No charge and we are affiliated with the BTF.

So – after this season of Triathlons – looks like I will do a couple next year – but I’ll also be doing a lot of marathons and off road half marathons etc in training for 2011….

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