Monday, June 15, 2009

I can see why people hire a coach....

It’s a few months into the season now, Ive finished a number of running races and three Triathlons and the thing I have noticed most is that my enthusiasm is definitely on the wane. The amount of training sessions is down and the will to get on the bike or go for a swim is pretty much non existent. The only thing I am managing to do is run reasonably regularly and I am having to force myself to do that. So why is there this mid season slump for me? Well I can put it down to a few things but up there in the lists top five are, no training partner, no variation of training and boredom. You can see immediately how you would benefit from a coach who you report to and who is able to vary your training without you having to find time to plan that out for yourself.

Perhaps there are ways of increasing the motivation without this kind of support I wonder if the online forum communities help at all but I very much doubt that they are any substitute for someone screaming at you to do that extra push up or sarcastically asking why you failed to swim today, or someone who simply tells you to do 50m * 4 and rest 30 secs rather than just going for a 5km run. There are training programs you can get for free, buy or make yourself but I am sure the simple act of having to report to your coach what you did this week must make motivation less of an issue.

Perhaps next season.

Two weeks until Northampton Tri looking forward to that. And I will be joined by a few of my friends from Blenheim at the Roade Tri in September so heres hoping they have also caught the bug.

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