Sunday, January 24, 2010

Off to Salt Lake City

Heading out to Salt Lake city for the next couple of weeks - going into the office and also taking a good look around the city and surrounding areas - meet up with a "realtor" or two and see where is the best place for us to live.

I'm taking my snowboard as well - why not - Snowbird is only 20 miles away and I've got a weekend out there - so seems a shame not to go and try it!

It was quite nice turning up to American Airlines express checkout for First and Business Class with a snowboard. And it would seem that AA have upgraded their cabins - the Business class is pretty close to the First Class that I was on a few years ago only not quite as shabby! The seats even turn into flat beds and the food wasn't at all bad.

Have changed my watch already to 6 hours ahead - and we still have seven hours left - and then another flight....So expect to be very tired once I get to the hotel. Hope I am OK to drive when I get to the airport finally.

Have passed Reykjavik and now heading towards Greenland - we take a very northern arched route - presume this due to airflows etc - but frankly I haven't a clue. This is probably the nicest AA flight I have been on - although its a 2-3-2 formation - not so great for the 3 - but at least I have an isle seat and I can plug the Mac in to the power port and watch pretty much any of my films - although there is a fairly decent on demand service on here.

The only problem is that the lights have been turned off - quite a few people want to sleep - and I'd rather not - so must remember to get the seat by the window on the next trip out so that I can have the blinds open. The kids are going to love this when they get to fly out Business class - however I am sure they will be bored after a few hours even with all the available TV, games and food....

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