Thursday, March 20, 2008

Amazing trip to Italy - Cervinia

Snowboarding in Cervinia last weekend was amazing. Great weather - was 24 degrees on the Friday. Very cold at the top - got a touch of frostbite on my nose - but got sunburn on the Friday. Did my first blackrun on the new Ride board. Awsome.

The snow was great - there was a snowfall of about 20 cm on the two days prior to us arriving - then a further 10cm on the Saturday evening. This combined with the sun made for t-shirt type conditions on the Friday.

The company was great fun as well - with Ty's mates all turning out to be bloody funny - and everyone made a concerted effort.

The scenery was great too - as you can see from the photos - the visibility was pretty clear. These are all from the Saturday - Friday I didnt take the camera with me - but I'll try to get some off the phone at some stage.

The Matterhorn looked impressive from both sides - and we boarded down to Zermat from the top - down wide open red runs followed by a steep and narrow black - which the buggers didnt tell me about apart from at the bottom a "So - how was your first black run?" question.

The buggers.

The piste was incredibly good - and the wide runs on the Swiss side were really amazing - highly recommended.

And then there were the cafes/bars littering the mountainside. Wow! The food in these was, frankly, some of the best food I have had. Equivalent to some of the nicest London restaurants, but without the pomp and unpleasantries. So friendly and forthcoming. Good beer too - and the warm mulled wine was great.

All together a great weekend.

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