Friday, October 07, 2005

iPod misery!

I thought the other week that it would be a good idea to finally buy an iPod - so I searched around the net and found the cheapest 60GB one on So I ordered it - at a great price of £259.95 and no charge for shipping - Amazing! Too Amazing in fact.
Whatever you do - do NOT order from these con-artists.
1. This is not a UK company - the domain is registered to Jeremy Paradies of 97 Anderer Ln, West Roxbury MA in the US of A - and this IS an American company.
2. The amount you are invoiced for is not what you will be charged. They charge in USD at an odd exchange rate and you will pay at least £20 more on a purchase of this amount.
3. They take the money out of your account/charge your card straight away. Under UK law your card cannot be charged until the purchase is ready for shipment. Well - this isn't a UK company!
4. They take 2 weeks before they reply to your email to tell you that your product is shipping. Yep - two weeks!
5. They take 2 whole weeks to ship the damn thing!
6. They ship it two days after they tell you it is shipping! I give up! No wonder delivery is free!!!
7. Nowhere on their website do they have their address, or any statement to say that the items will be shipped from the US, or that this is a US company. In fact they say - "The UK's best source for Digital Video Equipment".
8. Their telephone number is a UK one - 0207 669 4292 - which leads you to think that they are UK based. This is NOT the case.
I am amazed that people can get away with this these days.
Oh - and it still hasn't arrived yet!!!


shaurz said...

Mate it might never arrive. I've had the same experience. Including the over-charging.

I foolishly ordered a digital camera from mydv ages ago without checking if they were legit.

Sent an angry e-mail and haven't heard a whisper.

There's discussion here:

shaurz said...

Anyway I've ordered the camera from now because I'm fed up with waiting.

I'm going to wait a bit. If mydv send it, it's going straight back with a demand for refund. If not, well I'll have to fight for my money back...

shaurz said...

More info:

Looks like our friend Jeremey has a few more dodgy sites:

Anonymous said...

I appear to have got caught out with ordering an Ipod from "mydv"as well. I agreed to pay £159:99 for a 6gb Ipod but my credit card was billed £169:99 on the day of the order (22/09/05).I was sent a further e-mail from mydv stating that the shipment date was 03/10/05 and that DHL would be contacting me with a tracker number but, guess what, no-one has contacted me.
The company, mydv, is not contactable by any means and I have contacted my credit card company's disputed claims department in an effort to get payment stopped. For what good it will do I have informed trading standards.

Helen said...

I placed an order with My DV weeks ago, heard nothing form them, I wish I'd known it was a scam before I ordered. Any idea what I can do?

John D said...

Having booked a romantic holiday for my partner and I to Rome, I decided a digital camera was needed. I ordered a Sony Cybershot camera from MyDv on 7th November after having been on the "live" chat. I was promised by Sandra that the item was in stock and would be delivered max 10-14 days. The price £112.99. 3 days later i checked my credit card bill and they'd charged me $206.04, which was £122.04. I emailed them without reply. A couple of days later I went "live" chat again and was assured I would get my order and that she (Lisa) would put in a 'special' request for speedy delivery. I honestly wasn’t that worried about the overcharge as long as i got my order. After 10 days I became worried and several un answered emails later, I again went "live". I was told again not to worry. The next day I received an email stating my shipment was due on 21st Nov and that they would email me my tracking number, but no reply on the overcharge. At this point I became suspicious and the 21st came and went. The 22nd I emailed.. still no response. So today I went live to cancel (as I found millions of bad threads about them!!) I went live and was told by Lisa you have to cancel by calling 02079934698. So I logged off and to my surprise was greeted by an automated FULL voice box. Grr.. I went live again and sternly took no crap. I told Lisa I was cancelling and almost instantaneously a pre written pile of rubbish regarding poor manufacturing supply appeared. Again I said, tough I want to cancel and the phone line is a waste of time. After a little persistence she accepted and said she would cancel online and I would receive a confirmation email within a couple of hours. I put the phone down uncertain. Having read more horror stories of other people's experiences I turned to a number found on MATRIX WATCH. This contact number works!!!!!
0207 993 4696
I spoke to Sebastian who tried fobbing me off with the prospect of a delivery already sent and a restocking fee. I simply told him the conversation was being recorded and that under the sales of goods act 1976 I was cancelling without penalty. He then transferred me to the finance dept who cancelled the order and said I will receive a refund in 7-10 days. I also complained about the overcharge and she took down the sum to be repaid. Shortly after I received an email confirming their sadness at my cancellation!
Fingers crossed the money will go in, and god only knows if the overcharge will be paid back.

Anonymous said... is another of Jeremy's sites.

Actually, if you paid by cc and nothing arrives you're OK. The cc company will give a full refund after 30 days. Deal with the cc company rather than Jeremy.

But lots of people seem to be getting PART delivery (with non UK-compliant electricals, BTW), which will muddy the waters with the cc company.

Anonymous said...

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CHINI said...

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