Monday, March 14, 2005

Well again and back in the saddle

I'm finally recovered - it's been a long haul. The balance is back - and apart from an occasional deafness in my left ear I am fully fit. With that in mind I went to Wales this weekend with a few friends to go mountain biking. Bloody great fun - piccies in the gallery at and Julian's piicies are at Great riding - good weather, nice beer and a great laugh. Can't wait to go again - which will be the South Downs in a couple of months - so need to get back on the bike regularly beforehand so I can keep up with everyone.

Also agreed to do the Meridia 100 at Builth Wells this year - I am going to do the 50k route as I am a wimp and its my first long distance "race".



Rhein said...

you don't write often.

Mark Sharrock said...

Agreed - I need to do it more often.