Thursday, July 15, 2004

Fractured Arm

Last Thursday - riding along Grays Inn Road in London - a Blue Rover pulled out of a side street without looking. Unfortunately he pulled out right in front of me. I managed to stop by using my face to break on the tarmac and ended up in Hospital. Diagnosis - a fractured arm and a week off work to recover. Lots of swelling and bruising - my right knee is very painful as is my right wrist - which is in a splint to prevent me from twisting it. Still - am in one piece and there wasn't too much damage to the bike - scratches in the main.

Thankfully I was wearing a brand new Giro lid - as my head came down quite hard on the tarmac. It did it's job - cracked and dissipated the force - so thank you Giro - I am pretty sure if I hadn't been wearing it I would be in intensive care at the moment.

Recovering slowly - the use of my arm has not properly returned - I cannot grip anything and am having to type left hand only (getting quicker!)

As a goal - I have set myself the task of completing the Oxford to Cambridge bike ride on the 3rd October. 70 miles on road. The max I have done in a day is 50 miles off road - so this should be interesting, especially as I will be doing it on my mountain bike - so the gearing will be all wrong. If you fancy sponsoring me - please drop me a line, it's in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

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